Monero {XMR}, IOTA {MIOTA} price prediction 2019

In accordance with the candlestick chart linked to the IOT/USD pair on tradingview [based on data obtained from the Bitfinex Exchange], one can ascertain that $MIOTA is currently being affected by buyers, although some speculate that the bull-run will be short-lived. This is because IOTA still hasn’t risen beyond the area of consolidation. Barriers may play a role near the $0.2928 mark, and support lies at $0.2682.

The final peak tied to the Awesome Oscillator possess the green shade, which points towards the arrival of bullish momentum. Yesterday, the MACD line ventured above the signal line, which, in turn, led to the histogram switching sides and changing color [from red to green]. The daily RSI [for 14 periods] sits at 55.5, which points to $IOTA advancing through the neutral territory. Major gains shall be observed it $MIOTA manages to break through the resistance.

According to the candlestick chart associated with the XMR/USD pair on tradingview [based on data drawn from the Poloniex Exchange], this privacy-centric cryptocurrency is under the control of bullish pressure. Resistance may felt at $70.8432, and support can be found near $56.143. Post-3rd November, the gap between the MACD line and the signal line has decreased [albeit marginally], causing the green histogram to appear faded.

However, for the past 6 days, the peaks tied to the Awesome Oscillator have all been green, and the daily RSI [for 14 periods] has climbed to reach 62.16 and may land in the overbought zone by the following week. Thus, Monero has a bigger chance of rushing towards $70 in comparison to IOTA, as bullish indicators are more in number [for XMR].

IOTA is ranked at #18 ahead of Cosmos in the market. The trading volume recorded stands at roughly $5.275 million, while the total market cap of IOTA is $785.544 million. MIOTA itself is priced at $0.282618. The digital currency received a boost amounting to 3.45% in the course of the past 24-hours.

Vlad Semenov has been inducted into the IOTA Foundation. He shall operate as a software engineer.

Monero is positioned at #13 in the market. The trading volume recorded is $264.031 million, whereas the supply has 17,294,354 XMR coins involved as part of circulation. The total market cap of Monero amounts to $1.109 billion. The price increased at a rate of 2.26% in a matter of hours which helped $XMR soar all the way up to the $64.14 mark where it presently holds.