SiaCoin (SC) Storage Economics on Blockchain and SkyPages Demo of 2048 Game

The ‘SkyPages’ team won the MITBitcoinClub Hackathon Grand Prize and the Sia track. Further, SkyPages are hosting websites in a secure and decentralized manner. 

Due to the COVID-19, the blockchainwk at siacoin was postponed to another date.  They have changed the event to an online-only event meetup.

Sia tweeted:  “We are hosting a #SiaSkynet and @Filebase meetup during Boston Blockchain Week @blockchainwk. Join us on March 11th at CIC for drinks and dinner.  Thanks to @CICBoston for sponsoring the beautiful space.”

Being a decentralized data storage marketplace, Sia make it possible to store data with low costs, when compared to centralized providers like Amazon. By virtue of the Sia Storage Economics it is possible to provide low cost storage for the long term.

Sydney Ifergan, the Crypto Expert tweeted: “If the SiaCoin (SC) storage economics and the low-cost storage is true, the cryptocurrency market should be burning hot with the news; however, there is little excitement! Perhaps, they need some better marketing and reach.”

However, ever since the launch of SiaSkynet about 40,000 files have been uploaded and shared by using Skynet.

There was an announcement in the past month about the Internet about to change forever. They announced Skynet, as a decentralized CDN and file sharing platform which will serve as the foundation for a Free Internet. Free Internet?

SiaCoin (SC) Hackathon

The Skynet hackathon facilitates with a chance to win thousands in prizes.  It is a two-week hackathon and the tracks consist of “Usability/User Experience, dApps/DeFi, SDKs, Infrastructure; and company-sponsored challenges from Gold Sponsors: @SiaTechHQ, @NervosNetwork, and @fold_app!”

The Skynet workshop was live on Skynet.  David Vorick spoke about how Skynet works and he shared about several exciting applications, which can be built on it.  He also walked through the Skynet APIs and SDKs. For those who are looking to learn more about Hackathon, they will do well understanding the #Skynet 101 workshop.

SiaCoin Multiple Forks

David Vorick, Co-founder and Lead Developer of Sia, has been active in leading the decentralized cloud storage network secured by blockchain technology. He recently stated that the ecosystem is young and the rest of the world is just learning how the system works.  They are just getting oriented to who controls them, what is required to protect themselves from bad actors, the powers available and more.

He also stated how dust takes a long time to settle and how people leave and multiple forks appear, when there is conflicting and bad information files doing the round in high speed.