Austrian Post Office sells Collectible Stamps based on Ethereum

For the second time, the national Austrian Post Office sells collectible stamps based on the Ethereum blockchain. Many people collect postal stamps. While this hobby may not be so famous as it once was, the Austrian Post office has decided to modernize it a little bit, releasing a line of crypto collectible stamps, which was revealed via a press release.

The new collection will be collection will also be authenticated using the blockchain technology. A total of 60.000 copies per animal will ever be sold and each one of them will cost 7.00 EUR.

After you buy your stamp, you will notice that it will come in two parts. One part is basically the actual stamp, which you can use whenever you want to send mail and the other one is the credential that is used for blockchain authentication. This is basically the part that makes it unique and more interesting, as it changes how people will actually store their stamps.

The sold out crypto stamps 2.0 getting now sold at eBay:

Here you can find the current presale (already sold out)


Limitless Ltd
Calle 77 Este
Panama City, Panama

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