BHD Submits Application for Digital Token Offering to Coinbase

BHD is a novel blockchain-based project with an original, next-generation Proof of Capacity


BHD has submitted a listing application to Coinbase. BHD’s STO application with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) was approved on March 30th. The application to Coinbase is the first SEC-approved STO (security token offering) project to be submitted, which may accelerate BHD’s entry onto the Coinbase Exchange.

Coinbase provides varying levels of support for various assets. It supports around 20 cryptocurrencies and provides market information for around 300 cryptocurrencies, determined by market cap. BitcoinHD (BHD) appears in the latter group, which is not supported by Coinbase. Support for new assets follows the company’s Digital Asset Framework.

BHD uses a new Conditional Proof-of-Capacity (CPOC) mining mechanism with a perfect economic model and optimal consensus algorithm.

BHD uses hard disk as consensus participant, reducing power consumption, and favors decentralization. BHD lowers the barrier to entry and creates safety and trust so everyone can participate in mining.

Compared with POW mining, CPOC mining is characterized by eco-friendliness. It consumes much less power, has lower noise, no heat, and is anti-ASIC. CPOC-based BHD fulfills the original intention of Satoshi Nakamoto: everyone can become a miner.

Coinbase is among the largest and most trusted companies in the digital currency space. It is the largest Bitcoin broker and established US digital currency exchange, with access to GDAX, 30 million registered users, and US$1 billion crypto under management. If BHD receives support from Coinbase Exchange, it will be a significant milestone for the BHD ecosystem.

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