Blockchain Technology Report India 2018

Table Of Contents

  • Editor’s Note
  • Scope Of The Report
  • Introduction To The Report
  • History Of Blockchain – A Timeline
  • Introduction To Blockchain
  • Features Of Blockchain – Powered By Bient
  • Global Blockchain Activity
  • Application Of Blockchain
  • Leading Platforms And Blockchain Technologies
  • Blockchain Mixed Model – Telegram Case Study
  • Blockchain In Smart Cities
  • Blockchain In Supply Chain
  • Blockchain Use Case – Land Registration
  • Cryptocurrency
  • ICOs – Powered By Drivezy
  • Blockchain In India
  • Investors And Funds
  • Government Adaptations
  • Government Policies
  • Challenges & Looking Ahead
  • Bibliography


Blockchain is a new, disruptive distributed ledger technology that is rapidly changing business models and becoming increasingly important in the world order. In India, blockchain has gained traction since 2017, with many industries — including banks, finance and trade organisations, and other businesses — experimenting with it. Bitcoin, the most popular use case of the technology, is popular here, with Bitcoin exchanges and wallets proliferating despite regulatory problems.