Coinbase Delivers Raft of Improvements, Including ETA On Crypto Transfers


Coinbase Delivers Raft of Improvements, Including ETA On Crypto Transfers


  • Coinbase adds instant top-up
  • And ETA on crypto transfers

Top-rated cryptocurrency exchange Coinbase has activated two improvements to its platform: unified sending-top-ups and crypto transfer ETAs (estimated time of arrival). The improvements are detailed in a blog post, in addition to the recently-added transaction-batching which significantly reduces transaction fees.

Top Up With Sending

This small time-saving feature kicks in when a user is trying to send some crypto but does not have enough of it in its wallet. The new mechanic will automatically purchase the amount of crypto the user want sto send with your funding source, and complete the operation.

This top up feature makes sure to avoid any hangups by only drawing on instant-payment options that the user has already set up.


One of the implications of a publicly verified and operated blockchain is that, the experience is rather more dynamic than what we might find from a centralized service. Hashrates and difficulty levels on Bitcoin’s, and other networks change depending on what is happening in their ecosystems—and all of this affects transfer times.

Now when sending crypto, Coinbase will take these factors into account to estimate how long it will take for the transaction to complete.

In an official blog post, Coinbase recently argued that between Bitcoin and gold—while similar—Bitcoin is the better option as a “safe haven asset” than more traditional gold.

They argue that, while supply of physical precious metals (as opposed to paper trading of them) has become choked in recent weeks and months since the COVID-19 pandemic hit, anyone can still get their hands on “physical” bitcoin by storing it in a private wallet.

Featured Image Credit: Unsplash