Cryptocurrency exchange KuCoin launches 8 altcoins from the platform

KuCoin has closed trading on 8 cryptocurrencies completely and removed cryptocurrencies from the platform.

KuCoin, one of the popular cryptocurrency exchanges, has been unlisted for not following the guidelines set by the platform.

Cryptocurrencies that were removed as of yesterday and will no longer be tradable on KuCoin; It consists of Red Pulse (PHX), Ulord (UT), HotNow (HOT), W Green Pay (WGP), QLC Chain (QLC), Odyssey (OCN), Onion (ONION) and Neutral Dollar (NUSD).

The stock exchange also decided to exclude the BOS / ETH trading pair.

There are no more exchanges left after HotNow (HOT) and Neutral Dollar (NUSD) are listed after being unlisted from Kucoin. NUSD can be accessed from decentralized platforms such as DDEX and Uniswap.

Stable crypto money, which should have been $ 1, fell to 65 cents
After the news, the stable cryptocurrency NUSD, which should have been $ 1, suffered great depreciation. NUSD, the only central stock market listed on the KuCoin, fell here to $ 0.65.