CryptoFights Leaves Ethereum for Bitcoin SV

Blockchain-powered battle game CryptoFights is abandoning Enjin and Ethereum in favor of Bitcoin SV. Developer Kronoverse will tokenize its game assets on the newly embraces blockchain as well, using their own custom solution. The move away from Enjin caused a stir within the community.

Kronoverse promises that all acquired items from CryptoFights will move from Enjin and Ethereum to the Bitcoin SV blockchain. However, not everybody is convinced. In the comments on social media fans have called the developers frauds. The reason for this is because the Enjin community invested money in their game by buying items. They say things like for example ‘boycot CryptoFights’ and ‘big disappointment’.

In January 2019 CryptoFights sold loot boxes for 25 dollars a piece. The game managed to raise 85 thousand dollars in revenue to further the development of their game.

In the next few weeks Kronoverse will announce the launch date for the open beta of CryptoFights. This open beta will be on Android and free-to-play. Later this year they will release the full game, a conversion tool to move items to the new blockchain, and the Kronoverse Marketplace.

Why leaving Enjin?

Kronoverse stated that Ethereum has a scaling problem. On top of that the team isn’t happy with the introduction of Ethereum 2.0. This supposedly improved version of Ethereum introduces Proof-of-Stake and Delegated PoS to one of the most used blockchains on the market. They don’t have faith in that kind of blockchain protocol. According the Kronoverse Bitcoin SV has already proven its scaling ability.

In terms of user experience, the developers underline that Bitcoin SV doesn’t have any slowdown and very low costs. On top of that BSV can store a 3D model of a digital asset, because files can be stored in a cloud that’s powered by Bitcoin SV.

What is CryptoFights?

CryptoFights is a skill-based fighting game in which players battle each other. They will use Bitcoin SV to place bets, and store player-ownership over in-game items. Players have their own weapons and gear to dress their characters, allowing them to create a personal fighting style.

Last month Kronoverse partnered with esports organization ESL. This way they want to boost, scale and grow their game. Both ESL and Kronoverse believe that blockchain technology adds a new layer of competition to online gaming.

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