DigiByte (DGB) Paid Ad by CoinBase on Google Is it Honest or Dishonest?

DigiByte already has a loyal base of supporters as it is one of the most decentralized coin out there. Community members feel that the DigiByte has the battle-tested since 2014 with huge crypto community support.  It did not do an ICO.

Noah Seidman, Crypto Enthusiast, and Futurist opined that the DigiByte tech has been in test net for many years now. He stated that it had proven itself as functional. Further, the profitability can be interpreted considering the expense associated with data breaches. He put people to think by questioning if it is cheaper to pay for data break fallout and futile centralized security.

Noah further cited that the important factor for investing in crypto as being scarcity.  He stated that was the reason why most loved Digibyte – its fixed supply.  He further reinstated on how smart contract is not a 1:1 story as all tokens are minted upon project creation.  Therefore, it’s not a fair start as compared to POW mined UTXO projects.

Jared Tate recently tweeted:  “Hey @coinbase, multiple people are telling me anytime they google “buy DigiByte” your paid ad shows up 1st w/ “DigiByte on Coinbase.” If you are listing $DGB, thanks a ton ahead of time @brian_armstrong @CoinbaseSupport! I know the community has been excited about this for years.”

Sydney Ifergan, the crypto expert, tweeted:  “Digibyte (DGB) users every time have to say that it is fast.  The zero fees factor is impressive.”

While all of them were excited about Jared Tate tweet on Coinbase paid ad for Buy DigiByte, some were doubtful, and they queried if advertising for a product you don’t offer is a violation of US antitrust laws.  They felt that if the advertisement is genuine, they should be adding it very shortly.

DigiByte (DGB) Performance Marketing

Several thousands of people will be impressed if they see DigiByte on Coinbase. The community has been wondering why Coinbase has not listed DGB when the project looks bright for the future.

If the listing is not an error in performance marketing, several investors would surely be impressed on its validity.

DigiByte continues to deal with different points of views and differences in a way, ensuring that Digibyte gets heard and included promoting a common sense of trust.  With DGB, there are a lot of possibilities. True decentralization in the real world. A community enthusiast stated if Bitcoin is Gold, DGB is Diamond.