Global Impact Fintech (GIFT), a Multinational Think Tank for Blockchain and Financial Technology, Expands its International Presence

Global Impact Fintech (GIFT), a multinational non-profit think tank of government, regulatory, industry, technology and financial technology professionals from over 35 countries (including India and Singapore), continues to expand its presence across the globe.

GIFT is a forum that brings together policymakers and Fintech, general tech, blockchain, and digital ecosystem professionals, so that they can share ideas and strategies.

GIFT states:

“Our goal is to work with stakeholders to help collectively find solutions to humanity’s biggest challenges and problem statements by leveraging disruptive tech.”

Malik khan Kotadia, the founding Chairman at GIFT, remarked:

“We are growing our chapter and domains in various regions, and hope to be a unified and meaningful voice for the Fintech and digital community globally. In line with this vision, we are happy to announce the launch of our South Asia Chapter, with leaders from the ecosystem.”

GIFT is registered in Singapore as a non-profit foundation. It aims to encourage global cooperation on key issues and challenges involving the Fintech industry.

The Global Fintech Forum brings together various international financial technology project developers, so that they can share key insights. GIFT’s global network is supported by special interest groups that specialize in banking, lending, and payments.

Several GIFT members also work in the AI, blockchain, crypto asset, and capital markets sectors.

The organization said it will be working with relevant stakeholders in order to come to a better understanding of how to adhere to Fintech regulatory requirements and ensure compliance.

GIFT is also committed toward establishing a level playing field for Fintech businesses.

The GIFT Foundation plans to support the organized engagement of innovative ideas and further refine them towards more constructive, viable, and mutually beneficial solutions.

GIFT members work as consultants in their areas and serve as advisors to governments and regulatory agencies.

Sharat Chandra, president of GBA, India, remarked:

“GBA India is committed to supporting GIFT [by helping it] create a global and collaborative Fintech ecosystem and [will work with the organization] to support all stakeholders and accelerate the process of creating the right environment for financial inclusion.”

Prahlad Giri, deputy director at the Central Bank of Nepal, stated:

“Meaningful dialogues and advisories are key to the success in shaping disruptive technologies in place as well as leveraging digital convergence… The central bank of Nepal and digital banking fraternity look forward to embracing open dialogues and discussions … to ensure financial stability amid the situation of uncertainty and crisis.”