How to use the Reality Ripple Effect – detect ghosts with this filter! – HITC

With lockdown still in full force people are taking to TikTok for some entertainment, and comedic relief.

With its plethora of filters and effects, TikTok does not disappoint, but the newest filter to sweep through the app and make its way into videos is a little more spooky than the rest.

The Reality Ripple Effect is said to be able to detect ghosts in your house and TikTokkers are trying it out to see if their house is haunted.

If you have always had a sneaky suspicion that you may not be the only person living in your house and that you may be co-habitating with something supernatural then read on, because this is the effect for you.

What is the Reality Ripple Effect?

TikTokkers use the filter to scan their room for ghosts. The videos show people filming around their room with the filter activated and many have seen a shadowy figure appear.

The filter makes colourful shapes or human- like figures appear around your room and many say that they even felt a presence where the filter said there was a ghost!

How to get the Reality Ripple Effect on TikTok

  • Open TikTok and click the ‘+’ button in the middle of the screen to create a new video
  • Click the button in the bottom left corner labelled ‘effects’
  • Click on the ‘Trending’ heading and scroll down until you see the Reality Ripple Effect
  • The effect is a picture of a body with multiple colours radiating around it
  • Select the ‘0.5’ speed for a more effective video
  • Get recording and see if your house has ghosts!

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