Litecoin on Luno from May 11, 2020, DigiByte Mania is a Reason for LTC Buying

The next best thing for Litecoin (LTC) should happen if it should sustain it’s 103% LTC has been exhibiting some negative performance. Analysts are looking into how the bearish wedge pattern is evolving to be, whether Bitcoin will be the savior in disguise for time to unfold.

The incoming coin alert at Luno states that Litecoin will be added to its platform on May 11, 2020. However, Luno clarified that:  “Litecoin will not be available in Malaysia at this time, we are currently working with local regulators.”

Luno tweeted:  “It’s nearly time to welcome the newest member of Luno: @Litecoin To start preparing, DYOR and learn all about #LTC and where it came from. Here’s why we’ve decided to add it to our offering.”

Charlie Lee is now focused a lot in making Litecoin more fungible.  Litecoin Core v0.18.1 RC1 is released, and that testing is in progress. The progress of Mimble Wimble, should give some home in the current scenario.

Sydney Ifergan, the crypto expert, tweeted:  “There overall complaint is that there is no development in Litecoin (LTC).  The Bitcoin halving is believed to be a savior; we need to see.”

Generally, those who are buying cryptocurrency think in the long term.  Those who are selling are those who want to make a profit.  However, buyers generally do not sell for lower than the price they bought it for.  They buy, and this is how value is created.  So, anyone who is looking for just profits should decide to claim their profits when the price is more than what they have bought it for.

Litecoin (LTC) Progress of Mimble Wimble

It is true that Litecoin has been sideways for some time how.  This means there is less hype about it.  This is also the time when the DigiByte (DGB) hyper over Litecoin is taking over.  There are likely to be many who are willing to exchange their LTC holdings for DGB.  There are a lot of sellers, and this means that the DGB is setting the trigger for buyers who are looking to buy LTC.  Look at the long-term, and LTC will fair good.

When many are beginning to feel not so well and bored about a coin and are concerned about the good in some other coin it is just the right time to buy. Those who want to get started with owning Litecoin should probably do it now.