Low-Carb Plant-Based Milk With the Most Protein

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve stood in front of the plant-based milk section of the grocery store, holding two cartons side by side, comparing their nutritional information. Protein and sugar content are the top two things I zero in on, and since I tend to buy unsweetened plant-based milks, I’m left comparing protein.

I’ve never been big on buying almond milk — I just think it’s a waste since it only offers one gram of protein per serving. I used to only buy unsweetened soy milk — until I discovered these two brands of milk that have pea protein added, which makes them higher in protein than any other milks I’ve seen — even cow’s milk! And they both have under two grams of carbs.

These nondairy milks are easily my absolute favorites, and I never leave the store without them. They taste delicious enough on their own in a glass (with cookies!), and are versatile enough to add to recipes. Keep reading to find out their stellar nutritional information.