Monero Means Money #1 Box Office Film in the United States

Following suit Litecoin, it seems like Monero is using the film industry and theatres to propel their ideals towards mass adoption.

Monero retweeted a tweet that read:  “Monero Means Money was the #1 box office film in the United States last week! Thank you for supporting independent theaters closed for COVID-19! We are also the #1 cryptocurrency documentary film on IMDB.”

The goal behind the release of the film was to raise awareness concerning electronic and financial privacy rights at the same time supporting independent cinemas during the time of acute economic requirement.  Passionate and self-organized volunteers executed the project across the globe.

During the 4/10 week, the Monero Means Money achieved #1 at the US box office, making #3,430, according to a press release based on press contact Justin Ehrenhofer, Organizer, Monero Community Workgroup.

The documentary is an 88-minute long lecture, which espouses the virtues of the Monero cryptocurrency.  Due to the coronavirus, all the movie releases have been put on hold, and all theaters are closed down, and movie releases have been put on hold.  Despite all these restrictions, the privacy-focused Monero based cryptocurrency has made it to the top.

Sydney Ifergan, the crypto expert, tweeted:  “Monero means money is listed the #1 cryptocurrency documentary on IMDB and also #5 in comparison with several other documentaries listed under the keyword cryptocurrency.”

The film has been premiered at Laemmle Theaters in Los Angeles, where the seats were purchased but unfilled.  The proceeds were for supporting independent theaters.  The Monero Community rallied to buy tickets with credit cards, Monero XMR, and other cryptocurrencies.

Justin Ehrenhofer, the director and producer of Monero Means Money, stated, “This fun experiment and achievement are a testament to the belief in Monero and the strength of Monero’s community.” He further stated, “We hope it motivates others to discover Monero and to join the growing community.”

Monero (XMR) Riccardo Spagni on Break

Riccardo Spagni on #35daylockdownSA tweeted:  “Going to take a break from Tweeting to focus on helping those around us who are dealing with COVID19 and the related impact, as well as work on my Beat Saber and Audio Trip high scores. I’ll be sure to Tweet anything super significant!”

Monero is easier to use after ongoing improvements, thereby providing better security and privacy. The network has more than 500 developers, thus ranking third in terms of the contributing developers among all other cryptocurrencies. Monero (XMR) strives to be the most fungible cryptocurrency and thereby strives to be the most advanced cryptocurrency advancing digital finance.