Morrisons launches four new liqueurs including raspberry ripple and strawberries and cream

BRING on the bank holiday weekend because Morrisons has just launched four new liqueurs with gin and rum.

The new range includes gin liqueurs featuring classic flavour combinations such as raspberry ripple and strawberries & cream.


Morrisons has launched four new liqueurs including raspberry ripple and strawberries and cream

Cocktail hour has also become more magical with the sparkling unicorn gin flavour that has been infused with marshmallow and candyfloss.

Alternatively, if rum is more your cup of tea, you might want to try the liqueur tasting of roast pineapple.

The Liquorist-branded tipples are already available in a majority of Morrisons stores, and will also be available on its website from the end of next week.

You can nab the bottles for £9 until June 16, after which they’ll cost £10.

They are sold in bottles of 50cl and come with an alcohol by volume (ABV) of 20 per cent.

Morrisons’ major rivals including Asda, Sainsbury’s and Tesco don’t currently sell the same gin flavours, although Asda sells a raspberry and rose gin liqueur for £12.

These come in same-sized bottles of 50cl with the same ABV of 20 per cent.

Home Bargains has also just rolled out same-sized bottles of strawberries and cream gin liqueur for £8.

Alternatively, Sainsbury’s sells 70cl bottles of Grand Kadoo’s pineaple rum for £23.

These come with a stronger ABV of 38 per cent.

If you’re enjoying a tipple, make sure you drink responsibly and are Drinkaware.

In November, B&M launched a new sparkly gin tasting of raspberry gin.

While Aldi rolled out four new gins in March, including a sparkly summer trifle one that tastes of raspberry, vanilla sponge and custard.

Last year, the discounter also started selling a unicorn gin that tastes of candy floss and marshmallow.

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