Nespresso sustainability data now publicly available via blockchain

Nespresso is making its sustainability data publicly available using blockchain technology.

Introduced for Zimbabwe initially, a new Nespresso platform traces the Nestle-owned brand’s AAA Sustainable Quality Programme coffee from farms in Zimbabwe all the way through to the Nespresso production centre in Switzerland.

The company has had a traceability process in place since the sustainability programme’s inception in 2003, making it possible to track coffee back to individual farms. However, leveraging blockchain for this process is new for 2020.

It said users of the blockchain platform will be able to zoom in on specific farms to find a breakdown of the total coffee produced at farm level and the amount of “high quality” coffee bought by Nespresso.

Guillaume Le Cunff, CEO of Nespresso, commented: “We know that consumers are more and more interested to know where their coffee is coming from.

“Thanks to our AAA Sustainable Quality Programme, we have had traceability back to individual farms in our value chain for over 15 years. I am pleased that thanks to this blockchain initiative, we can now take it one step further and invite our customers to discover the farmers behind their Tamuka mu Zimbabwe coffee.”

Nespresso made the blockchain announcement as it unveiled Amaha awe Uganda – or Hope of Uganda – a new and seasonal coffee from the Rwenzori Mountains of Uganda. The range is part of the company’s ‘Reviving Origins’ initiative which launched in 2019 and aims to restore coffee production in regions where it is under threat, including Zimbabwe and Columbia, where it says it has boosted productivity over the last year.