Ripple product director announces XRP-based e-commerce platform

  • Ripple’s product director, Craig DeWitt, has announced the development of an XRP based e-commerce payment platform that could be implemented into a website by adding a code snippet.
  • DeWitt has received support from XRPL Labs founder Wietse Wind, who proposed an implementation of XUMM.

In a tweet published yesterday, Ripple‘s product director, Craig DeWitt, announced that he is considering the development of an XRP based e-commerce payment platform. DeWitt has recently launched other XRP based products, such as xSongs. DeWitt’s new project will be designed to enable website operators to accept XRP payments by simply and quickly integrating a code snippet. Via Twitter the product director of Ripple wrote

Considering launching an e-commerce payments platform using payburner, open to the world… the guts of #xsongs already does this beautifully. Make it stupid simple to use so anyone can accept #XRP payments in their personal sites with a simple code snippet.

As early as December 2019, DeWitt released xSongs, a marketplace where creators can sell their digital content and musicians their music via peer-to-peer payments in XRP. Unlike many competing platforms, uploading and selling music on the digital marketplace is free of charge and gives musicians the right to benefit from the revenue generated by the sale of their content without any fees.

As DeWitt also mentioned in his Tweet, the e-commerce plugin could use Payburner, a browser extension which xSongs is also using. Payburner is a XRP wallet that provides additional features such as automatic registration and “one-click payments” on any website.

XRPL Labs founder suggests XUMM integration

DeWitt’s proposal received very positive feedback within the XRP community. The founder of XRPL Labs, Wietse Wind, also expressed his support. Wind himself recently presented the banking application Xumm, which is designed as an alternative to traditional banking apps and therefore can not only manage Fiat currencies (like Dollar and Euro), but also XRP as well as contact information, transaction records and balances.

Wind explained his enthusiasm for the DeWitt idea and offered his support. He wrote via Twitter:

We could team up, doing payburner and #xumm implementations (enable one or both in a simple e-commerce platform specific admin module) at once?

A little later Wind added the following comment to his original tweet, suggesting that both developers had come together to work on the project:

We’re looking at WooCommerce and Shopify for the first plugins.

DeWitt’s new proposal marks another initiative by Ripple to increase the use and adoption of the XRP token. A few days ago, information about a new trading platform that is supposed to be based on On-Demand Liquidity and the XRP token became public. According to CTO David Schwartz, Ripple is also working on a feature that will allow companies to create their own tokens on the XRP Ledger. This could, for example, enable the issuance of stablecoins that are backed by XRP.

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