Ripple XRP Community Investors Know It All and they want the Price to Go Up

Ripple Engineering reportedly under the title Reading Secrets in the Cloud has published about coming up with a way to retrieve encrypted secrets from a cloud-based security solutions by employing workflow that involves applications and services sorted for intricate architectural details.

Ripple tweeted: “Ripple’s Data Engineering team tackles managing multiple cloud infrastructures and retrieving encrypted secrets.”

Ripple has also been exploring the reasons behind why large companies that are successful many times fail to adopt disruptive technology.  It has been reported that this applies to the current global payments industry.

Disruptive technology triggers a value proposition to primarily address unmet needs in the market, eventually overtaking the mainstream market by way of continual improvements.   In several cases, disruptive technologies are adopted in a smaller niche market.  The niche markets are where particular attributes of the technology get valued by customers despite the technology not satisfying some of the attributes that the mainstream market needs.

Sydney Ifergan, the crypto expert, tweeted:  “XRP Ripple Insights spoke about Application (Market) A for Technology 1 and Application (Market) B for Technology 2. ETH Vitalik Spoke about “all A vs. all B”, compare “1% more A vs. 1% more B.”

Every Crypto team are trying to think out and around the box to ensure Pandora benefits are streaming for the community. Disruptive technology S Curve, Trajectory of Disruptive Technology, and the community has got to know more about the strategic tweaks then just talking higher highs and lower highs and dips and highs.

Ripple XRP Sustainable Global Economy

All the attempts from different payment companies are about providing for a sustainable global economy.  The investors are, however, impatient in that their investment value is not growing.  When it comes to taking profits, we want the highest, but when it comes to making the payment, we want to pay the lowest. There is a slimline of reasonability that separates the two.

Cryptocurrency values are looked to be money multiplier schemes; however, every investors need to realize they are backing a value system, which in turn is rendering a needed service to the market. If the end investor should go to the moon, the buyers of the end service should pay the fee to the moon, which is not practically desirable nor acceptable.

There are several investors who know all this, but ultimately what they want to see is the price go up somehow.  Do all it takes to improve the value of the token and what it takes to get the price go up to the moon!