Samsung’s crypto wallet to support Bitcoin and Gemini exchange

  • Samsung recently partnered up with one of the largest US crypto exchanges, Gemini.
  • The partnership brought support for Gemini and Bitcoin to Samsung wallet, which will deliver new features.
  • Thanks to the team-up, Samsung is also expected to help drove adoption with this move.

South Korean tech giant, Samsung, has been nurturing its interest in the cryptocurrency sector for quite a long time, now. Recently, however, the company seems to have decided that this is the right path to take, as it doubled down on the crypto sector.

Samsung’s new move confirms this, as the firm plans for its Blockchain Wallet to add support for Bitcoin for its US-based users. Not only that, but it will also add support for the US-based crypto exchange, Gemini, which was launched by the Winklevoss twins.

Samsung adds new functionalities to its crypto wallet

Samsung has been introducing its cryptocurrency wallet on several of the newer Galaxy models. The wallet allows self-custody of digital currencies, including Bitcoin, directly via the phone. Now, however, Samsung also plans to allow users to buy and sell BTC, as well as a handful of other coins.

This will be possible thanks to the team-up with the Gemini crypto exchange. The team-up will also allow users to see their balances, transfer BTC and other supported coins, and keep them safe in a cold storage account.

One of the twins, Gemini’s Typer Winklevoss, stated that crypto is more than technology — it is a movement. Tyler and his brother, Cameron, have been strong and rather vocal supporters of the crypto industry for years now, advocating Bitcoin adoption even on Wall Street.

Samsung’s entry into the crypto space

Similarly to Gemini, Samsung became something of a leader and a pioneer in smartphone support for Bitcoin and altcoins. It started with the introduction of Blockchain Keystore last year, and it gradually went on from there.

All that Samsung ever did in regards to crypto was to try and help speed up its adoption, which is one of the biggest advantages that this tech is currently facing, according to its community.

Now, the company once again helped with providing a user-friendly way to access crypto in the US and Canada, thanks to the new partnership with Gemini. The question now is whether or not other exchanges around the world will be willing to follow this example.