The Ripple: Through the Storm – News – Newton Press Mentor – Newton, IL

Here we are, together, amid a global storm.

Whether you are worried about COVID, the economy, or the future your children will inherit, you are not alone in being concerned about the direction of the world.

Not so long ago, I relinquished the belief that my life was about maintaining order, status quo, and “good vibes only.” We all know that’s not real life.

We know there is some luxury that we appreciate or take for granted every day because someone else endured a struggle to make that available. Real life is full spectrum – from the tragic to the blissful.

The deeper I adventure into my heart, the more it becomes clear that I did not sign up for an earthbound ride of comfort and ease. Honestly, I do not think any human did.

Spirit did not promise nor entitle us to any particular earthbound experience.

We were only promised experience.

I know trust fund kids who have struggled to find reasons to live, feeling hopeless and directionless. I know homeless people who are enjoying the ride of uncertainty and all the people they get to meet as they wander directionless.

Spirit promised us nothing specific for our earthbound experience.

On Earth, we have tried to create a sense of certainty. We work hard to provide a reliable income for ourselves and our families. We live in a country with a constitution which is believed by many to protect our rights. We all know that sometimes this is achieved and other times not.

There is no such thing as maintaining order here on Earth, for order is only one end of the spectrum.

Life is full spectrum – from the orderly to the chaotic.

Systems become obsolete, the folks we love will eventually pass, and as hard as we try to be “good” or “positive,” we will eventually have an emotional meltdown – whether or not we wear that emotion on our sleeves.

It is okay to be emotionally messy, scratching your head in confusion, and silently bleeding from an open wound within your heart as your head hits your pillow each night. None of these very human conditions make you any less empowered, any less spiritual.

If you have been a train wreck who hasn’t changed your pajamas for days as your head spins in this world of (mis)information, please still do not succumb to the lie that you are not empowered just because your reflection in the mirror does not resemble the fraudulent images of empowerment which pop culture has branded into your mind.

It is okay if you feel and look a mess right now – even after years of church going, even if you are always the “strong one,” and even if your life revolves around helping others.

It is okay if, despite all of the former, you still have moments of breaking down, freaking out, and screaming to the Source of Creation to demonstrate some glimmer of hope amid the global storm we’ve come to know as COVID-19.

Tears swell within my eyes as I write these words, and an immense feeling of love and connection is surging forth from the back of my heart space. I AM with you.

We may never return to the status quo we were living before. The reality of that is hitting folks pretty hard right now. We are mourning the loss of a life once lived.

In addition to this loss, some of us may even be mourning the loss of friends or family. There is nothing easy about right now.

Let us be easy on ourselves and each other.

Let us remember that no matter which direction the world goes, nothing can ever rob our spirits.

Nothing can ever prevent us from expanding our level of compassion for our neighbors.

Nothing can ever prevent us from appreciating even the tiniest bit of grace available every day.

Grace is in the spring breeze.

Grace is in community.

Grace is in allowing old grievances to die.

Every single thing on Earth was built for temporary existence.

But the spark of our souls was here long before Earth. This spark connects us to the Source of Creation. Nothing can ever change that.

How will use your powerful connection with Spirit to guide you through the storm?