UCCS forced to layoff 28 and furlough 43 due to pandemic

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. (KKTV) – The COVID-19 pandemic continues to have a financial ripple effect across Colorado.

On Friday, The University of Colorado Colorado Springs announced they were forced to layoff nearly two dozen employees and furlough more than three dozen. The university cited state funding being cut by 58 percent and they expect enrollment numbers to be lower than normal.

“UCCS is planning for a 15 percent budget reduction,” UCCS wrote in a statement. “The university is implementing cuts in areas such as not filling open positions, delaying controlled maintenance, savings on utilities, limiting travel and reducing operating costs.”

The university had to turn to the tough decision of layoffs.

“The layoff of 28 people and the major furlough of 43 people were limited to staff supporting the auxiliary operations,” UCCS added in their statement. “Auxiliary operations include departments such as residence life, dining, transportation and event services, which are dependent on the revenues they generate and not on state appropriation or tuition. Additional auxiliary employees may be impacted by partial furloughs beginning July 1.”

For positions funded by the general fund, or those funded by state appropriation and tuition, partial furloughs are effective July 1.

On top of the layoffs, the salary of other employees will be impacted.
Staff and faculty on 12-month appointment making an annual salary of $60,000 or more will receive a 4.6 percent pay cut through one day unpaid furlough per month. Faculty members on nine-month appointments will receive a pay cut of 4.6 percent. Officers of the university, like the Chancellor, vice chancellors, associate vice chancellors and deans, will remain on a 10 percent furlough as previously announced.

General fund employees making less than $60,000, and classified employees, will not be subject to furlough as of Friday.