AnyBlock launches blockchain-based coronavirus tracking app

German blockchain firm AnyBlock Analytics has announced the launch of an app that tracks coronavirus test results.

The SeroStatus app leverages blockchain technology in the hope of reducing risks for businesses planning to re-open following the lockdown.

With more than 4.7 million confirmed cases of coronavirus globally—including nearly 1.5 million in the United States alone—serious concerns remain about how to re-open businesses and offices safely.

“As stay-at-home restrictions start to relax and businesses start to re-open, there’s a lot of concern about how to be smart about it, so that we don’t see a new spike in coronavirus cases,” explained Jens Griesing, co-founder of the SeroStatus app.

“Unlike contact tracing that attempts to notify individuals if they might have been exposed to coronavirus from a person who tested positive, the SeroStatus app tells who does or doesn’t pose a risk based on actual test results. And we do this while protecting individuals’ data privacy.”

The versatile app can document who’s healthy (such as via a negative rapid test) as well as who’s recovered from previous exposure (via a positive antibody test). This is crucial information for intelligently reopening businesses, venues, and services including hospitals, factories, casinos, hotels and sporting arenas.

Coin Rivet recently reported on comments from the Overstock CEO who revealed that “immunity passports” based on the blockchain would be key to overcoming the pandemic from an economic standpoint.

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