Gilded Introduces New B2B Tools For Coinbase Users

Gilded, which specializes in simplifying B2B payments and accounting through automation, is rolling out a suite of tools for Coinbase users to send invoices and accept payments in bitcoin, Ethereum or the USDC Stablecoin.

The change comes as a response to increased demand, a press release says.

Gilded, which has long worked in non-custodial payments for digital currency, said users won’t need to be concerned with complex channels — the payments are sent directly to a company’s Coinbase account, which is tracked and reconciled in Gilded.

The payments can be sent across borders with no additional fees, according to the release, which the company says is a change from other such operations where businesses encounter high fees, delays and a lack of transparency when trying to do B2B payments.

Gil Hildebrand, CEO of Gilded, is quoted in the release saying the company wanted to streamline the process of using digital currency for B2B.

“The benefits of digital currency are clear, but the experience hasn’t always been accessible or user-friendly ⁠— especially for businesses,” he said, according to the release. “Gilded changes that. Today, Coinbase’s 30 million users have gained access to essential tools for business.”

Hildebrand had high praise for the digital currency form, saying he believed soon it would be adopted widely among “every business.”

But he acknowledged the need for other options, which is why Gilded still supports traditional wire transfers and credit cards.

Digital currency data provider CoinMarketCap also recently adopted Gilded’s tools, according to the company. The partnership came as a result of CoinMarketCap’s reaching out to find a way to automate invoicing and crypto payments, while also adding new payment options for customers.

Recently, Gilded has also been working on a way to introduce a blockchain solution for corporates. The idea is the same as the company’s aid for Coinbase, to eliminate the friction and trouble in cross-border global payments.



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