realme X3 with 60X Super Zoom creates ripples online

GUWAHATI: All those realme fans waiting for the realme X3 Super Zoom are not going to get disappointed. If the promos and the headers are to be believed, the realme X3 Super Zoom is going to deliver a massive 60X super zoom. We won’t mind going overboard and exclaiming “Hey! I can see someone walking on the Moon!” Well, we will all know this for sure by tomorrow noon when the First Sale starts.

The Realme site has put the First Sale for noon 30th June for this ‘telescope’. Starting from Rs 24,999 realme wants you to explore the world with its new periscope zoom lens. They claim to provide you “an-new photography experience”. The specifications are obviously going to match with what the company is eyeing to deliver. 

We asked around to know what our readers had to say about the realme X60 super zoom phone. It seems there is always an excitement for something new and unique. Maybe realme is expecting with the 60X super zoom to provide users a second phone with something fun to do. We can expect instagram and Facebook getting inundated with super zoom images for sure.

“I am a realme follower since it started launching its products in India. Have earlier bought three realme products and am a happy user. This 60X super zoom is something I would like to soon lay my hands upon,” says Syama Pathak from Bongaigaon.

“I have not tried realme before, I mostly use Samsung and Apple devices. Though there is this COVID-19 pandemic going on there is also this need to upgrade to better and effective devices due to the demand for more online work,” said A Sinha, who works as a tech head for a market leading company in Guwahati. A peek into the specifications and the creative put by realme India gives us an idea that yes, realme X3 with 60X super zoom is competitive and is going to create ripples in the already highly competitive camera smart-phone market.

Please find the specifications and price here: