Revealed Brave Web Browser Adds Reference to Links of Crypto Sites

It turns out that Brave, the cryptocurrency and blockchain-oriented web browser, has added reference links to the redirect links of sites like Binance. Saying that this error has been fixed, company CEO Brendan Eich stressed that the reference links do not transfer any user data to third parties.

Open source free web browser Brave always features privacy, security and ad blocking when promoting itself. The company also has its own cryptocurrency called Basic Attention Token. For this reason, Brave, which is the favorite of those who are interested in crypto money, is among the popular platforms of the blockchain world.

Despite all these promises, the browser company, whose history is not very clean, was claimed to have obtained user information this time. According to the claims of a user named Cryptonator, Brave interferes with the Binance connection you wrote and automatically fills it with its own affiliate code if you try to go to the ‘Binance’ crypto exchange.

Brave adds reference links to the redirect links:

Brave is a company that frequently uses affiliate marketing. In fact, in March of this year he was caught making a sales partnership without legally required documents. The company is now criticized for adding reference links to many coin trading sites. Coibase’s landing page users even said, “Brave Software International has invited you to try Coinbase!” and the calls made from Brave are directed directly through the link of Brave.

Among the sites where Brave has added a reference ID are sites such as,, and In addition to these sites, references are added to words such as ‘bitcoin’, ‘btc’, ‘ethereum’, ‘eth’, ‘litecoin’, ‘ltc’ or ‘bnb’.

Speaking about the issue, Brave co-founder and CEO Brendan Eich apologized to all Brave users, saying that the reference links did not transfer any user data to the relevant organizations, but there was still a mistake that should not have been. Eich also added that this error was corrected.

The crypto-based Brave browser, visited by more than 15 million users monthly, has been involved in such events in the past and has been criticized by users. We will only see if the company, which has not learned from its mistakes in the past, will fall into the same mistake again.