The NGK blockchain will be launched in the world through STO, and the super community will be launched soon

NEW YORK, USA, June 29, 2020 / — The first issue of NGK blockchain application for digital currency STO has attracted widespread attention. This time STO won the STO digital financing certificate issued by the trust agency and the SEC (United States Securities and Exchange Commission), which will be held by the founding company USA International Covenant INC. As the background of STO currency issuance, and the NGK.IO blockchain successfully applied for the US MSB blockchain license, NGK plans to officially release the white paper 2.0 in August 2020 and go online in October 2020.

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USA International Covenant INC acquired Spirit Stone’s blockchain technology department in 2018, and began research and development of the NGK.IO blockchain in June 2018. Spirit Stone designed NGK.IO as a commercial and financial block chain, allowing economic equity certificates On-chain issuance, the users can use the NGK.IO blockchain to issue tokens and equity, and NGK.IO will create a new digital economic ecology to provide enterprises and individuals with the value of equity issuance. Through the decentralized structure, let the real economy connect the blockchain to create decentralized applications. The NGK.IO blockchain realizes the direct conversion of economic value, so that all digital currency enthusiasts can participate in the ecology.

NGK.IO is a blockchain based on the underlying technology of the block chain. It will provide an open network for everyone to choose freely. The construction of the underlying technology of the blockchain will give all transactions on the chain powerful transaction throughput and security. In the storage environment, in the ecology of NGK.IO, all communicative developers and communicative enthusiasts can effectively participate in the blockchain construction system.

NGK.IO is a digital financial management system developed through blockchain technology, through the optimization of the underlying technology and the upgrade of scripts to create a new blockchain business system, continuous and effective optimization of the consensus mechanism, transaction speed, smart contracts The expansion of various functions and the expansion of various functions to improve the speed and security of the overall data architecture, promote the innovation of the global digital asset financial investment industry, become a comprehensive business application platform, and launch traditional financial derivatives into the digital economy to create plans for capital The economic and commercial economy and personal assets and rights provide digital circulation and listing, and NGK.IO will escort the digital economy in all aspects.

NGK Digital Coin will become a bridge of the NGK.IO block chain, used to encourage builders, participants, developers, users in the ecosystem, as well as various commercial applications, property rights management, payment transactions, proof of rights, etc. NGK.IO will continue to promote the technical and application level, complete the commercial process of blockchain digital applications, and lead the new global payment model!

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