The Ripple: Lightworkers – Opinion – Aledo Times Record – Aledo, IL

By: Amanda Blain

A friend presented this question to me yesterday:

“As a lightworker, how do you stay positive that light will win in our current situation?”

“Lightworker” is a word that has been misconstrued by the New Age Spiritual community. A lot of folks believe light work is about positive thinking and trying to save the world.

There is no such thing as “save the world.” This earth is a temporary vacation where souls play with myriad experiences to assist them in a journey which continues long after we leave this plane.

Authentic lightworkers feel, sense, and know that their journey does not begin and end with the earth. Lightworkers know that the success of their mission does not depend on what happens in the world. There are many lightworkers reading these words right now. I AM with you.

Ours is a task of unlocking virtue within our hearts – despite what is occurring in the world. Just consider the biblical days, as the family of Yeshua (Aramaic/Hebrew name for Jesus) toured around the world, often in hiding, so that they were not killed by Roman soldiers for their unorthodox rituals and practices.

Some of the greatest revolutionaries throughout history were thought to be insane by pop culture of their time. Many of these revolutionaries were imprisoned, tortured, and assassinated. We could look at this as an unfortunate loss of good against evil. Or we can zoom-out, expanding our understanding beyond the earth plane, and glimpse the wholeness and perfection of this.

On one hand, Yeshua was murdered. On the other hand, that murder demonstrated that the journey of a lightworker does not begin and end with the earth, and that the success of His mission does not depend on what happens in the world.

The great ascension of Yeshua left an energetic imprint on the earth. An energy of hope, inspiration, and benevolence. This energy is available to any who chooses it.

That energetic imprint is the trademark of an authentic lightworker. Yeshua set an example for all lightworkers who wished to answer his call, “Truly, truly, I tell you, whoever believes in Me will also do the works I am doing. He will do even greater things than these, because I am going to the Father.”

In many cases, the atrocities endured by great revolutionaries and spiritual teachers throughout history were necessary to magnify their lessons and intensify the energetic imprint of their virtues on the planet.

Virtue, like every single thing in this universe, is energy …

If this is getting a little woo-woo for you, then please just consider this:

When you are in the presence of someone who is frustrated, irritated, depressed, or angry, can you feel their moods without them having to say anything?

Have you ever walked into a room of stressed people and felt the tension in the air?

Have you ever looked into the eyes of an elder who was just so tickled to see you? Could you feel their softness, their love and adoration?

Have you ever held the hand of someone who was falling in love with you? Without them saying anything, could you just feel the sparks?

Yes, it is scientifically proven that within every atom, every biological process, every sensation, and every emotion is energy. This is no new discovery, as members of the ancient Essene Mystery Schools and schools of the Eastern World have known this for a long time. Over the past century, the Western World has begun using its advanced technology to scientifically measure and observe it.

As lightworkers, our task is not to tell the world what to think and how to act. Our path is one of unlocking the energy of virtue from within our hearts by confronting our own darkness (i.e. Jesus’ 40 days/nights in the desert). When we do this, we transmute our darkness into light within our hearts, and this virtuous energy becomes available to the entire world.

People in our communities will feel the virtuous energy when they are near us.

They will leave after a conversation with us feeling inspired, supported, and loved.

This will help them unlock more virtue from within their own hearts.

Everywhere they walk, seeds of virtue will be dispersed. Seeds of light will be planted. Some will grow.

Authentic lightworkers do not need the world to go a certain way in order to become virtuous, for becoming virtuous is a choice which no person or situation can take from us.

Authentic lightworkers expand virtue by first going inside of their own psyche and weeding the darkness. This is a very involved process.

You can ask your Higher Power to help you with this, but at the end of the day, it is you who must make the choice.

You can talk about Jesus all you want and declare Him your savior, but if you have not become virtuous in your heart, that lack of virtue will be felt by the world.

Have you ever had someone give you a fake smile? Could you feel the fakeness? Energy does not lie.

It is common, at first, to struggle with noticing and acknowledging one’s own darkness. Here’s a helpful tip:

Our darkness hides beneath each judgment we make.

If we are judging other people, it is because there is some feeling of inferiority or superiority playing out in our psyche. These feelings block us from feeling unity and compassion for all.

Virtue is only unlocked when we begin weeding those judgments and inferior/superior feelings from our psyche (also known as emotional healing).

When these feelings dissolve, compassion and equanimity come rushing into our heart space, and this energy radiates out to all who are near us – and beyond.

This is true light work. It is personal and not really glamorous at all. It requires humility and self-honesty.

The world itself may remain violent, chaotic, and controversial – but you still have a choice to be authentically virtuous or not.

Light work is the most challenging work on the planet because it requires humility and self-honesty. Know that you are not alone. There is an army of us who feel your plight and support your light.