September 27, 2022

The ripples of stolen unemployment funds


Eighty one thousand does not sound like a lot when we are used to reading about numbers in the millions or more. 

But 81,000 is the number of people missing their earned Unemployment Payments from the Employment Security Division of our state government. What is the real number of people affected? 

Using a somewhat pessimistic number of half of the 81,000 as being married or having a significant other, the 81,000 are fiscally responsible for becomes 125,500 people needing funds. Another somewhat pessimistic number, if one-quarter of the 81,000 have one child that becomes 141,000 people needing funds. 

Where are the so-called investigative Journalists investigating why the director of the Employment Security Division still is the director? Who is investigating where the remaining $300 million (the last report I have seen) of the $650 million embezzled is? Who is investigating why our governor has done nothing about this? 

Harry Gilger, Poulsbo

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