Things that you must know about Bitcoin

Admittedly, Bitcoin has completely changed the concept of money and financial services business, as we have understood so far. Without a doubt, his appearance changed the rules of the game.

From this financial and social revolution, Bitnovo, a Spanish company based in Valencia, was born in 2015 and its mission is to facilitate access to the world of cryptocurrencies, by converting buying / selling in a simple and fast process and on. You can join the Bitcoin Rejoin website to do bitcoin trading.

See Bitnovo

Passionate about the world of cryptocurrency and thoroughly studying the market, we realized that buying bitcoin was really complicated, and more than that for the Spanish-speaking audience, with little knowledge of other languages. All major sites outside Spanish-speaking countries and their purchasing systems were and are still cumbersome for the inexperienced user.

Facing this situation, we decided to create a system that is able to provide a solution to these problems and convert the purchase of cryptocurrencies into a simple process, ensuring the same levels of safety that others offer and become a Spanish speaker in the sector.

From this idea and this illusion was born Bitnovo platform, a simple and intuitive website that provides services throughout Europe to facilitate the purchase / sale of encryption required by users.

The Bitnovo team worked hard to become a leader in purchasing services for bitcoins and other cryptocurrencies, making them available in supermarkets and big retailers at many airports in Spain and soon in other European countries.

In addition, with the introduction of a Bit card debit card, to sell cryptocurrencies and cryptocurrencies, Bitnovo has made all Bitcoins and cryptocurrencies available.

At present, Bitnovo is made up of a team of strong and good fans, who continue to work with great passion and dedication to contribute and leave a small footprint in social and economic expansion.

Bitnovo is currently participating in international conferences on new crypto and blockchain operations, to further share her knowledge with the crypto fan community. Bitnovo also has an effective and international help center in Spanish, English and Italian, dedicated to collecting and resolving all our users’ doubts.

Cryptocurrency trends in 2020

Certainly it would be wise, even before investing, to understand the characteristics of cryptocurrencies and their potential in the long term. A clear example, also on the basis of what has been said previously, is Bitcoin which was performing well in 2017, but when the media started talking about it and decidedly inexperienced people on the subject began to buy by bringing the quotation to historic highs first, it is collapsed because of some invests that have decided to liquidate their position on the highs.

However, 2020 will be the year that will dramatically change the picture of the cryptocurrency market from bearish to bullish. This is due to the expectations and potential on the horizon. It is important to know how to invest in cryptocurrencies and what important steps to take before buying.

In practice one must ask:

  • When do I want to sell? Whether or not I wait for the asset to reach its maximum price?
  • Do I want to sell it all at once or gradually?
  • Is there any factor that could influence the decision and lead us to sell suddenly?
  • What is the maximum loss we can bear?
  • How many profits do we believe we can make?
  • Do I regularly follow market news?

What are the best cryptocurrencies for 2020?

We know well that 2017 was the year of cryptocurrencies. Today there are still many traders who regret not having invested in this sector. Bitcoins, over time, have acquired an unprecedented value, going to touch the 20,000 dollars in 2017 and then retracting up to the quotation that we all know today. Still, we must say that not all cryptocurrencies have had the same success.