Bitcoin $9,246 Ripple $0.19 ChainLink $5.86. Cryptocurrencies Price Prediction – American Wrap 7 July

Bitcoin has been trading sideways for practically the past two months, however, that hasn’t stopped investors and new users to continue buying Bitcoin. According to a recent report by Daniel Ferraro, the number of addresses holding Bitcoin reached 20 million on July 1 after a steady uptrend for the past year. 

Ripple Technical Analysis: XRP/USD sees a glimpse of hope but it’s still facing a long-term trendline resistance

XRP has been one of the weakest cryptocurrencies for the past year, losing a lot of market dominance and dropping to new lower lows. On July 6, XRP/USD had a significant 8-9% price surge towards $0.189 putting the digital asset inside a daily uptrend. Unfortunately, there is a long-term trendline formed on the daily chart that will act as a strong resistance level in the near future. 

ChainLink Technical Analysis: LINK/USD massive 22% surge hitting a new all-time high at $5.90

ChainLink has been clearly outperforming the market for the majority of its existence. Throughout 2020, the digital asset has seen astronomical gains from a low of $1.75 on January 1 to the current high at $5.9. After April 6, LINK has traded above the daily 26-EMA almost the entire time except for a brief period between May 11 and May 20.