Charlie Lee on Lightning Network Usage and Related Desktop and Mobile Wallets for Litecoin (LTC) Network

Travel Giant Expedia have allowed bookings in cryptocurrency for over 700,000 accommodation using Travala crypto bookings. This means Litecoin (LTC) can be used for Expedia bookings. Good for use case in terms of those who are looking to spend LTC.

Litecoin Foundation Tweeted:  “Our friends and partners at Travala has struck a deal with Expedia. Now it will be easier than ever to pay for your trips using Litecoin Great job, Matt Luczynski and team! Book your trips using Travala & pay with #LTC today.”

Sydney Ifergan, the crypto expert tweeted:  “Litecoin (LTC) for lightning speed payments, particularly for very small transactions will become a huge hit if they make it truly work for coffee.”

In the past interview, Charlie Lee in an interview gave an answer to a question on whether Litecoin will participate in the lightning network and on whether Lightning network will help with Bitcoin scalability issues.

Charlie Lee Stated, I think the lightning network will help the second layer solutions. I think we will start to see more and more people using the lightning network. He also stated that Litecoin has its own Lightning Network.  People are using the Lightning Network on Litecoin. He also stated that Lightning network is not as needed in Litecoin as in Bitcoin as the BTC network is more congested.

The Lightning Network definitely saves lot on fees in instant transactions. We are seeing more and more usage and we are very excited about using the Lightning Network and that it is taking some time to perfect the system. There is definitely growing pains, which is expected.  And, we expect to see increasing usage of Lightning Network on the Bitcoin and I am excited about that.

When the interviewer, stated that it is already cheap to send transactions on the Litecoin at this stage anyway – Don’t need that extra layer, but it does exist so – And, was further questioned on whether there are wallets for those who are looking to make use of the Litecoin Lightning Network solution. 

Charlie Lee replied stating, there are desktop wallets.  The Litecoin Foundation is working hard on the mobile wallet. There is going to be more and more wallets.  There are already lot of wallets supporting Lightning Network on Bitcoin. And, those wallets, when there are more and more people using Lightning Network on Litecoin, those wallets will also support Litecoin Network.