Ethereum 2.0 is late: Cardano takes the spotlight

  • Ethereum 2.0 has yet to arrive, and even its developers cannot announce the launch date.
  • Meanwhile, Cardano is only a day away from launching its next major upgrade, Shelley.
  • The anticipation has helped its price grow nearly to $0.10, as the project hit its yearly high.

Being fashionably late to a party tends to attract attention, but even so, Ethereum 2.0 launch is already long overdue. In fact, the community still has no idea when it might expect it, despite the fact that the upgrade was supposed to roll out in January of this year.

Still no word on Ethereum 2.0

A lot is expected to change with the upgrade, as many already know. The project’s co-founder, Vitalik Buterin, recently said as much during his recent appearance on Hashing It Out podcast.

Buterin said that there were many mistakes that were made during Ethereum’s initial designing, and that its architecture is nowhere near as efficient as it could be. Ethereum 2.0 is expected to address such issues, but the upgrade does not seem to be ready yet.

The developers failed to roll out the upgrade again in July, although Buterin denied ever saying that a July launch is to be expected.

In the meantime, July 7th approaches, and it is currently only a day away. This is the date when Cardano (ADA) is scheduled to roll out its own major upgrade, Shelley.

Cardano hits levels last seen in mid-2018 amid Shelley launch

Cardano is a third-gen PoS blockchain project that uses its Hydra Sharding to offer as many as 1 million transactions per second. The project has made a lot of heads turn recently, as the next stage in its evolution is about to take place with the launch of Shelley upgrade.

Last month, the project allowed anyone interested to test Shelley by joining the testnet, with the announcement that July 7th is when Shelley will be officially integrated into the MainNet.

As the date approached, ADA price started to grow, particularly in the early days of July. The project even reached a new YTD high. In fact, ADA saw enough progress that it managed to climb from the 10th spot on the list of largest cryptos by market cap to the 8th place, where it still sits right now.

The token is currently only a fraction of a cent short from hitting $0.10, currently sitting at $0.098395, and with a 2.81% increase in the last 24 hours.

In the end, Ethereum may be an older project with a larger community of developers, dApps, and more. However, Cardano has been fulfilling its promises so far, while Ethereum continues to stall and delay ETH 2.0.