How WordPress Is Integrating Blockchain Technology?

Blockchain technology was introduced in the market as a platform for exchanging cryptocurrencies. But with time, blockchain technology has found ways to disrupt any industry.

Blockchain has a versatile nature that makes it suitable for any niche-based company. Whether we are talking about the trade market, real estate, business organization, medical fields, or health institution, educational institution. Blockchain has found ways to seep in every major field.

But in this article, we will not discuss how blockchain has influenced the above-mentioned industry, rather we will talk about how Blockchain can be implemented in WordPress. Yes, you heard it right.

We all know how blockchain has influenced the major industries of the nations. But we are yet to know how WordPress will use the blockchain technology.

What is WordPress?

Most of us know what WordPress actually is. But for the people who don’t have an idea about WordPress, here is a quick review for you all.

Wordpress is a website building platform. Today, the website you see, 3 out of 10 are developed using WordPress. If you will look around, you will not find a second platform that is as simple and as convenient as WordPress.

In addition, you also get many free plugging with WordPress. You can create any niche-based website with the help of the WordPress platform. Even e-commerce websites. To help the new web developers, this platform comes with an easy to use dashboard and have multiple languages.

How WordPress will affect the blockchain?

Now you all know what WordPress is. But the question arises, how WordPress will implement blockchain? Oh boy, what other ways, you can use WordPress? It would obviously be creating a website. If you can implement blockchain in WordPress, you can create a website that can accept cryptocurrency payments.

btc evolution app is a WordPress website that was developed by implementing blockchain technology in WordPress. If you want, you can create your own Crypto exchange websites.

And here are the other possibilities that you can use blockchain and WordPress.

1. Global acceptances

For the eCommerce website, blockchain can really help them with smoother international transactions. There are certain restrictions on the international payment on the eCommerce website. Then there are third parties involved that chare quite a hefty sum for each transaction.

But with the help of the blockchain integrated into your WordPress eCommerce site, you will be able to receive international payment with ease. There are plugins that you can add to your website to accept payment in cryptocurrencies.

2. Identity management

With the website, there are always risks of unknown online threats. The website holds sensitive data like users’ login id, passwords, website contents, payment transaction information, etc. And when the website is an eCommerce website then security become the first priority.

But with the blockchain technology, you can give your user the right kind of security management. As blockchain technology works on the public ledger, hacking of website data becomes impossible.

3. Data security

Data security has always been an issue for online content. This has been the primary reason why people tend to deflect from online purchases. With online data, there is always a possibility of fraudulent activities.

But the implementation of blockchain can really restrict all kinds of fraudulent activities. With blockchain technology, all the data are encrypted on public ledger network. Making is practically impossible to hacks.

Final Thoughts

We all know that blockchain is a new technology that has been there in the market for only a decade. But within this short period of time, it has left a huge impact on every major industry. Integration of the blockchain technology with the WordPress may not seem too lucrative for the web developers, but if you see it for the long term perspective and how it might affect the future, blockchain sure has some potential in it.