Litecoin (LTC) Targeting Commercial Payment Market from the Blockchain Space

Those who do not have a clear picture about Litecoin will be able to get a clear idea by following the Introduction to Litecoin.  This is a great support for new investors who are trying to understand Litecoin and also for Litecoin itself. Perhaps, LTC are going to slowly climb up in the ranking ladder soon.

Grayscale tweeted: Are you familiar with #Litecoin? Get familiar with our Building Blocks series $LTC, aimed to help investors of all levels better understand & compare and contrast digital assets based on their relative merits.”

The Grayscale introduction covers a wide array of details ranging from defining the characteristics of Litecoin, differentiating it from Bitcoin, explaining the potential advantages of Litecoin when compared to Bitcoin, Potential disadvantages of Litecoin when compared to Bitcoin.

The summary concludes stating that Litecoin was introduced as a solution to the Bitcoin scalability problem facilitating fast confirmations and low fees. Further stated, how upgrades to the network like Segregated Witness (SegWit) and the Lightning Network led to faster Litecoin transactions.

The introduction reinstated on how Litecoin are targeting the commercial payment market by making all attempts to onboard lot of merchants in to accepting Litecoin.

In response to the introduction one of the commentators opined that Grayscale should understand that there are no relative merits of any Bitcoin Clone.

Sydney Ifergan, the crypto expert tweeted:  “Litecoin (LTC) call themselves to be complementary to Bitcoin, however, they are not Bitcoin itself.  It is fair, if they claim a unique place for themselves as a unique brand in payment network by their own merits.”

Litecoin (LTC) Mimble Wimble Implementation

Litecoin Foundation tweeted about difficult adjustment thus:  “Current #Litecoin mining difficulty is at 7,906,110 & will adjust to 9,479,960 in approximately 5 hours. This is a difficulty readjustment of ~20%”

In an attempt to provide further clarity about Mimble Wimble Implementations, Litecoin Foundation also tweeted:  “Want to know the latest with Mimblewimble implementation on #Litecoin?”

They have expressed that the LTC mempool logic ended up being quite complex than they predicted.  Further, stated how they have to revisit the area after the testnet launches. However, a very minimal implementation calling for MW transactions has been written.

Apart from the mempool changes, a code was written to support the mining extension blocks with a few edge cases and lot of testing needed. However, they have stated that everything is still on track for mid-September testnet.