Technological novelties in the World of Online Gambling: AR/VR, Blockchain and Artificial Intelligence

New trends in online casino development: learn how AR/VR, Blockchain and AI are turning the gambling world upside down. Will players benefit from it in 2020? Let’s see!

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is increasingly involved in our daily lives. Even though the bulk of people do not have comprehensive information on the impact of AI, its potential and use in various sectors of the economy is a 2020 trend.

Moreover, this is one of the most significant revolutions that has been awaiting humanity at the technical level since the invention of information technology. That is why the use of artificial intelligence to develop and popularize online casinos is a self-evident and logical step.

To date, the most advanced gambling establishments use artificial intelligence to significantly increase the level of computing processes, as well as automate routine operations. However, how exactly can online casinos use artificial intelligence in their daily activities?

The AI can correctly study users’ behaviour, maintain a high level of efficiency and security. That is why the most sophisticated casinos have focused on the use of artificial intelligence in sectors such as security and software development. This way, operators better understand the habits of their customers, and can also guarantee the safety of their funds.

Incredible opportunities with Virtual and Augmented Reality

Perhaps this will seem fantastic, but some gambling facilities are already quite actively using these advanced technologies. An online casino can provide its client with an incredible level of emotions. It can also give an unforgettable gaming experience that allows you to explore the world of virtual gambling using unique technologies.

Some of the most popular online games are already perfectly optimized for using VR devices. One of the most suitable examples, in this case, could be VR poker.

The most likely vector for the development of VR and AR for online casinos may be the possibility of gambling in real-time. What’s more, users will be able to see each other or interact with the dealer using top-notched equipment.

Most of the opportunities that this technology is capable of presenting are in their infancy. However, many experts say that a technological breakthrough on this issue may take place very shortly.

Unrivaled benefits with blockchain casino

Most likely, you could hear the term blockchain when it came to cryptocurrencies or trading crypto assets online. What about online casinos? The technology is also actively used in the gaming industry. The use of the blockchain allows operators to create a truly decentralized system, protect the player and restrict third parties from manipulating personal or financial data. That’s why there’s no doubt that bitcoin casinos will be getting more and more popular.

Using this technology also allows casinos to increase the level of trust as manipulating data or numbers becomes merely impossible. Any results will be completely random, and this, in turn, will be one of the main reasons why one or another online casino should be 100% trusted.

An equally important advantage of using blockchain technology for online casinos is the instant data processing speed and 100% security. If the user does not need to provide personal or financial data for the transaction, then the players can count on complete anonymity. Moreover, blockchain technology allows you to track all bets and the history of financial transactions 24/7.

Blockchain technology increasingly delves into our lives. However, the online casino industry has witnessed the emergence of operators who use this technology not so long ago. Today, there are only a few companies in the casino world that are actively developing software and offer blockchain as a tool for depositing funds, customer service and other operations.

Advantages of an online casino that uses blockchain in daily activities:

  • The work and functioning of the gaming establishment are carried out on a crypto platform with a decentralized system.
  • Instant data processing speed.
  • Carrying out any volume of financial transactions is anonymous.
  • When recharging an account, all information on the transfer of funds is stored in a public smart contract and cannot be used to manipulate a user or an operator.
  • Great for delivering completely random results and can significantly increase the level of trust among customers. 

Optimization of internet casinos for mobile platforms

Every year, the number of players who actively place bets or want to try their luck on slot machines using a smartphone only increases. This year will also not be an exception and will demonstrate a significant increase in mobile users. That is why gaming companies are increasingly offering browser-based mobile games and are actively developing this segment, attracting an increasing number of new users.

How Telegram Messenger turned the world of online casino upside down

Thanks to the popular Telegram Messenger, online casino software developers can use the Telegram API and source code to create free applications or game bots. The choice of this software is not at all random.

Telegram Messenger has become one of the most advanced software products concerning the protection of user information. Thanks to end-to-end encryption technologies, access to personal data by third parties have become almost impossible. For that reason, the app is increasingly used among online casino players, traders or blockchain experts.