The Ripple: Healing Divisive Minds and Grieving Hearts – News – Olney Daily Mail – Olney, IL

A divisive mind and grieving heart are the cause of repetitive, perpetual suffering.

No human is totally immune to having a divisive mind and a grieving heart. So let us take responsibility for that, together.

To heal our divisive minds and grieving hearts, we need to explore the obscured parts of our psyche.

These parts are often obscured by extrinsic distractions, such as the state of the world.

Sometimes these parts are overlooked because we are too busy to feel and sense what is happening inside of our minds and hearts.

If we want the world to turn towards harmony, we will need to take the time to feel and sense what we are carrying inside of our minds and hearts.

Over the past two weeks, The Ripple offered some exercises to help us understand the fears we carry into our daily lives. I hope that was a humbling exercise for everyone. While it does not feel good to realize how much fear we carry, the acknowledgment of that fear brings us closer to our humanity, and reminds us that we are just like everyone else in our desires to feel safe, acknowledged, and connected.

I remember a time not so long ago when the remembrance that every person wants to feel safe, acknowledged, and connected helped me heal an aspect of my own divisive mind and grieving heart.

I was in Las Vegas for a friend’s wedding. We were walking back from the reception, along the strip. A man passing by, whom I had never seen before, groped me. I was wearing a pant suit, and in no way flaunting my sexuality (not that a woman’s attire is ever cause for assault).

I became enraged, for sexual offense was something that I had experienced many times before in my life. In fact, I had held some very angry judgments against men because of those repetitive experiences.

Those judgments were not conscious thoughts that I would think every day. I never even heard the judgments whirling around in my mind.

Instead, the judgments existed at the level of my subconscious mind and emotions. They existed at a more subtle level of feeling and sensing. Because of this, I was completely unaware that the judgments existed within me.

Many of my close friends are men, and I have always been able to shoot the breeze with men more easily than women. So I was very unaware that I carried such divisive and angry beliefs about men within my subconscious mind and within my heart.

These beliefs were also obscured by my busy life as a wellness teacher and social development advocate. They were also obscured by my strong desire for harmony in the world.

Life works in funny ways. When we are unable or unwilling to consciously acknowledge certain aspects of our psyche, situations will arise to force us to feel the emotions and beliefs hiding within us.

We get to choose healing or suffering when these situations arise.

I tried to stand up for myself against this man in Las Vegas, but he punched me in the face and knocked me unconscious. Witnesses told me he just walked away like nothing happened – unconcerned whether I was dead or alive.

Blood poured from my mouth as I regained consciousness and pulled myself up from the pavement. I caught a glimpse of my reflection in a window. My head was swollen to about twice its usual size. I began sobbing.

I did not sob for myself however. I was feeling a pain far beyond my own. I was tapped into the psyche of my offender. I could feel his deep sense of isolation and abandonment, his frustration for feeling powerless in the world, and his fear-based need to assert power and force to feel relevant in a dog-eat-dog world in which he had never felt safe, acknowledged, nor loved.

As these feelings came rushing forth, a ripple effect of healing took place within my mind and heart. I was now able to empathize with and forgive the men of my past who had crossed my personal boundaries.

This experience allowed me to heal my divisive mind, which held the subconscious belief that all men wish to control, possess, and take from women.

This experience allowed me to heal my grieving heart, which felt oppressed in a world of male dominance.

I was now free to cultivate more wellness within myself.

I was now wiser, which pruned me to become a more powerful social development advocate.

I am now grateful for life’s knockout punches. Such wake-up calls are so easy to resist and judge. But if we prioritize the healing of our own divisive minds and grieving hearts, then we will unlock liberation and harmony – often where we least expect it.

May you embrace challenges and find your wings through deep healing.

I AM with you.

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