The Ripple: The Innate Sensing System – News – Pontiac Daily Leader – Pontiac, IL

There is so much conflict in the world – whether it is the bickering of competing news reporters or world leaders – the world is quite the circus.

Many people are waking up to the fact that repeatedly exposing ourselves to this combative energy is detrimental to our psychological health and overall wellness as human beings.

When we expose ourselves to combative energy, we also have a tendency to attach ourselves to that energy. Watching a fiery news program can turn into choosing fiery speech when we communicate with our loved ones.

Few, including myself, are immune to the infectious nature of energy.

For this reason, it is becoming increasingly important to increase our awareness of the energy to which we expose ourselves, the energy to which we attach our minds and emotions, and the energy from which we communicate.

While this may sound like a daunting task, raising our awareness can be simplified. We just need to zoom-in on which aspect of our being is calling the shots in our lives.

For most people, their minds and emotions are calling the shots. This is why there is so much misunderstanding and conflict in the world. Here’s how this messy situation is created:

The human mind is programmed by the external world. It is like a man-made computer program which only repeats what it has heard, read, or seen somewhere outside of itself.

This means that our minds are full of the ideas and opinions of other people.

We may feel well read or intelligent when we use our minds, but the truth is the mind is a hand-me-down product fed to us by an imbalanced, unclear, and short-sighted world.

We have an Innate Sensing System which is much more effective in offering balanced perceptions, clear discernment, and universal intelligence to us in any given moment.

Balanced perception means that we are more able to empathize with human nature and to understand all angles of a situations.

With balanced perception, we spend no time judging or creating ill will towards others. We instead see the situation as it is, we accept that human nature is as it is, and we use this seeing and acceptance to help us discern how to be all situations.

Clear discernment means that we are able to sense the motives of others and to choose the best possible energies with which to operate and communicate in our lives.

Universal intelligence is a spontaneous understanding of the choices, words, and actions that will be best for all in any given situation.

The human mind usually holds an imbalanced perception. It usually judges something as “right,” “wrong,” “good,” or “bad.” This clouds our ability to empathize with human nature and to understand all angles of a situation.

The human mind usually only allows us to understand our personal angle of a situation.

For this reason, the human mind rarely clearly discerns a situation. This means that the mind is not open to considering all possible choices. Instead it is limited only to the choices based on the subjective judgements it makes.

The human mind is intelligent, but this intelligence is not universal. This intelligence is usually learned from various other human minds – which are also limited in the ways described above.

In upcoming Ripples we will explore various exercises for moving from the limited intelligence of the human mind into the Innate Sensing System which holds the universal intelligence required for more healthy and harmonious living on Earth.

For now, take some time to really digest the information contained in this article.

Take some time to observe how the truth of this information shows up in your life.

Begin to notice when you are being stubborn in your perceptions.

Begin to notice when you are not open to considering other points of view.

Begin to notice when you are making decisions centered on yourself rather than the collective.

All humans do this, but we cannot sustain life on the planet if we all continue to do it.

It is time to tap into the Innate Sensing System given to us by the Creator.

Let us deeply consider this week’s Ripple before moving deeper inward next week.

I AM with you.