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Last week, The Ripple explained how fear is the root cause of inequality and imbalance in the world.

Fear causes people to believe that they are separate from other people. This feeling of separateness cause people to judge one another, and to withhold empathy and compassion from certain people.

Fear also stems from a belief in scarcity. When people believe that resources are limited, they begin competing against each other for those resources.

Fear makes us put our own needs and desires above the needs and desires of the group.

That is why our communities have some wealthy families while other children go hungry and without proper clothing. Often times, the wealthy parents set a bad example by judging people who do not have as much as they do.

I am saddened by this behavior, and it is time to put an end to it. There can be no more excuses for living in this divided sort of way.

We, as a human race, do not have the time for people to continue living in this way.

Our human race simply will not survive if we keep living like this.

You, as a human, are responsible for waking up to this reality and living in a way that respects the entirety of humanity.

We all know how easy it is to say that you care about all humans. But most people only care about certain humans.

You probably care very much about the humans who live life it the way you think people should live.

You probably do not care very much about humans who live in a way which conflicts with your personal beliefs.

If this is true, then your compassion for humanity is limited.

If your compassion for humanity is limited, then you are living in fear.

This fear will cause you to be harmful to other humans – even if you think you are not being harmful.

Judgmental thoughts, and self-centered, tribal living within modern communities are absolutely harmful.

Please do not shame yourself for being this way, please just acknowledge that it is now time to transform into someone who is not so controlled by their fears and who is more capable of loving.

Last week, The Ripple offered an exercise to help you begin the inner work to open your heart more fully.

Opening your heart more fully requires acknowledging your own fears so you can see how fear rules your life and divides you against other people.

Once you have been able to honestly acknowledge your own fears, you will unlock more empathy for others.

This empathy will come from a deep sensing and knowing that you, as a human, are like every other human, in that we are all in some way ruled by our fears, and that we all wish to be liberated from those fears.

If we keep hiding these fears, we will continue to make decisions born from fear. This will keep humanity divided.

If you want the world to change for the better, then you must do the inner work for that to be possible.

As such, I am re-presenting the questions from last week so you can take a closer look at how fear shows up in your life.

If you did last week’s exercise, please explore the exercise again this week. You will make even deeper self-discoveries, and that will lead to a deeper opening of your heart.

Journal your discoveries on the following:

1.What is my deepest fear in regards to security and safety?

2.How do my fears regarding security and safety affect my daily actions, communications, thoughts, and emotions?

3.What is my deepest fear in regards to being socially accepted or good enough?

4.How do my fears regarding social acceptance affect my daily actions, communications, thoughts, and emotions?

5.What is my deepest fear in regards to being separated or abandoned by those I love?

6.How do my fears regarding separation and abandonment affect my daily actions, communications, thoughts, and emotions?

7.How do these fear-based behaviors and communications affect my relationships in my home?

8.How do these fear-based behaviors and communications affect my relationships in my community?

9.How do these fear-based behaviors, communications, thoughts, and emotions affect the way I feel about myself in relationship with the world?